Athlete Team

Peter Sulkanen

Peter Sulkanen heads our athlete team here at High Route Gear LLC while also contributing to product development. He is a student at The University of Montana and former United States Marine.

Peter, a Michigan native, was raised fly-fishing blue-ribbon trout streams in the summers, and chasing whitetails in the fall.



Reed Carlson

Reed Carlson grew up scuba diving, fishing and hunting in the woods of Michigan while also spending significant time in the Caribbean. His passion for all things outdoors fuels his drive to find big bucks, catch monster fish and explore where the average woodsmen often does not venture. 

Reed cares deeply about the conservation of flora and fauna, to preserve the environment he enjoys. On his most recent adventure, he summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.



Alec Wagner

Alec Wagner is our expert for all things climbing. He has worked in outdoor retail for the better part of four years. You can normally find Alec talking tech, or planning adventures with a constant eye looking for the next big challenge.